PYSA Mask Policy as of August 27th 2021 (Subject to change)

PYSA Club Members: Please click the link below for the PYSA Mask Policy as of August 27th, 2021. Please note this policy is subject to change based on any updates we receive moving forward. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we all work together.


To find the soccer club in area click below

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High School COED Information

Parents and players who will be freshman or sophomores this fall, please see the information below about another opportunity for you to continue to play now that you are of High School Age.

If you have any questions after clicking the link below (Information on HS COED), please use this email to get answers to your questions:

June 20, Registration opens for all players & coaches

July 31, Priority registration deadline Last day for returners to register and be guaranteed a spot with their Fall 2019 team

August 27, Registration deadline for players trying out with their high school teams


Fall season 2021 plan

PYSA is excited to announce that we are planning to have a Fall season. Please check with your club that you have played with in the past on how to register for the Fall. If you have not played in PYSA before, find your local soccer club (Based on what school your child may attend) by using the drop-down menu above

Blowout Policy

Coaches and Parents, please CLICK HERE for the PYSA Blowout Policy

PYSA Weather Policy
New PYSA Policies

Club Presidents, Directors, Coaches and Parents

The important information below is a CHANGE to the heading guidelines provided earlier this year by PYSA. These new heading guidelines have been provided by US Soccer, US Youth Soccer Region IV and Oregon Youth Soccer Associational and are to be implemented immediately.

All players 6th Grade and younger cannot head the ball in games. This means in all games at 9v9, 7v7 4v4 and 3v3. (See below for how the rule change will be implemented in games).

Only those players who are in 7th and 8th grade playing 11v11 may head the ball in games. (See grade to age info below)

Only players who are in 6th, 7th and 8th grades may practice heading, however all heading practice must be limited to no more than a maximum of 30 minutes per week.

Heading infraction in games in 9v9, 7v7, 4v4 and 3v3 games:

A player may not use his/her head to play the ball. The penalty for playing the ball using the head is an indirect free kick at the spot of the infraction. If a defending player in the defender's penalty area commits the infraction, the free kick will be taken from a spot at the top of the penalty area (Big box). The infraction consists in intentionally playing the ball with the head. If the referee determines that the ball struck a player in the head when the player is not trying to play the ball, the referee should allow play to continue.

Age groups explained:

U7 1st Grade

U8 2nd Grade

U9 3rd Grade

U10 4th Grade

U11 5th Grade

U12 6th Grade

U13 7th Grade

U14 8th Grade

Information for parents and coaches on Laws of the Game Made EASY
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