Fall League Information and Forms

All games are on as scheduled for Saturday September 7th.

Fall Registration 2013

Fall League Dates:

  • U7/U8 - 8 Games - Sept 7 to Oct 26
  • U9/10 - 8 Games - Sept 7 to Nov 2 (Saturday Sept. 7th is a Jamboree for all U9 teams see below for inforamtion and schedules)
  • U11 to U14 - 9 Games - Sept 7 to Nov 2
  • HS - 8 Games - Sept 14 to Nov 2 - HS Rec Website

All games will be on Saturdays with Sunday games as needed

Players will need to contact their clubs directly to register and be assigned to a team. Club Directory
Club registrars will register teams with PYSA for league play and scheduling.

Players should be assigned by grade first then by age

U7 - U8 Coach Parent Informational Brochure

U9 - U14 Coach Parent Informational Brochure

Game Formats:

Grade Age Game Ball Size Game Time(Min) Goal Size Field Size(yds) Goalkeeper
K U6 Kindergarten players play within their club or within a regional micro program
1 U7 3v3 - 2 teams #3 40 4x5 pop-up 30x20 No
2 U8 4v4 - 2 teams #4 40 4x5 pop-up 40x30 No
3/4 U9/10 6v6 #4 50 6'x18' 55x40 Yes
5/6 U11/12 8v8 #4 60 8'x24' 70x50 Yes
7/8 U13/14 11v11 #5 70 8'x24' 110x70 Yes
9-12 HS 11v11 #5 80 8'x24' 110x70 Yes

An official PYSA roster, signed by the coach which acknowledges that only players registered with PYSA, should be given to the opposing coach and referee at each game.

If you have any questions please contact Nelson Larson at registration@portlandyouthsoccer.com.