Leagues and Tournaments

PYSA runs league play in both Fall and Spring. While there are fewer teams that participate in the Spring this is becoming a wonderful option for children who wish to play more than just in the fall season.

Players and or teams interested in playing in the Fall or Spring should contact their club for more information

Spring League Information

6 games played between April 5th and May 17th mostly on Saturdays
Some clubs will do a player registration or have their fall coaches register directly with PYSA

  • Contact your club registrar for more information

NOTE: PYSA's Team Registration deadline is MARCH 14. Note that deadlines for spring soccer Player Registration will vary with each PYSA Club. Check your PYSA Club's website to confirm the deadline for Player Registrations.

Spring Developmental League Information

Starting in the Spring of 2014 PYSA along with Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) have teamed up to start a new league for players in the U9 and U10 age group.

This league will be played on Sundays at Delta Park. This league has been designed for those players/teams that want to play more than just on Saturdays. Teams accepted into this league will need to apply (Information coming soon) and then be accepted by the "Coaching and League Committee".

All teams/players that play in this league must also still play in the PYSA league games on Saturdays.