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CONGRATULATIONS, so you've finally made the decision to become a registered soccer referee and now you want to know what's involved.

It's pretty straightforward…

First, you have to be 13/14 years old to work for PYSA.

Please access to look up the class dates and register, Grade 9 or Grade 8 (preferably Grade 8)

Once you become a USSF certified referee, register under and request to work for PYSA.

The rationale behind a mandatory on-field training and meeting is PYSA only utilizes center referees and PYSA uses some modified laws of the game.

All games are played in the city of Portland.

The pay scale is as follows:

U9 - U10 games = $20

U11 - U12 games = $30

U13 - U14 games = $40

Fall Requirements

You will be accepted after you comply with all the PYSA requirements, attend the on-field training and attend the mandatory meeting, and attend the Jamboree.

The Jamboree games duration is 25 minutes without halves and we will pay $10 per game on that day. Please dress in full uniform and arrive as if you were assigned a game, on time (not at the game time). You will receive valuable experience and education while participating in our opening Jamboree.

This on-field experience is required for all NEW referees.

Please email us with the shift you will be working to:

Spring 2019 Requirements

PYSA will reimburse first-time year referees 18 years old and younger the amount of $100 after they work 12 games during their first season of refereeing.

On field training dates:

Date and time, Sunday, March 24th & 31st, 10 am: Location will Buckman field, you need to wear complete referee uniform; bring your whistle and your flags. Email me which date you will be attending

Spring Season

Games start on April 6th.

Ana Konstin

Assignor and Administrator